Flexible integration

We have the perfect formula for a smooth and easy integration of all our games into any kind of gaming platform.

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We are a strong partner in the whole process of integrating our games into your software without any extra effort from your side. Our experienced team will support you to achieve a smooth integration to meet any requirements your customers might have. This way we will ensure your players get the best content on the market at the right time and in the best quality to enjoy their experience. Our technical support also makes sure our games perform well on your platforms and websites.


At Synot Games we produce all our games in the best quality resolution with extraordinary designed content, infinitely engaging for your players. Supported resolutions: qHD, HD, FHD

Any device

We provide all of our games for a wide variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops and video lottery terminals. We develop our games with cutting-edge technology and all in HTML5.


We are able to provide games in different languages and currencies, creating a tailor made product which suit your needs. This way you can target our content to specific markets allowing you to reach your target audience. Supported languages: EN, ES, CS, SK, RO