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SYNOT Games is a new divison of SYNOT an international, a respected formation of companies, founded in 1991 and one of the biggest distributors of lottery equipment in the Czech Republic

Building on an extensive experience of the gaming industry, SYNOT Games has established as a unique content provider of a wide variety of slot games, all available in full HD, both online and on terminal. We incorporate brand new ideas and concepts into our deep knowledge of the gaming industry, producing original, top-quality content.

Our team of dedicated professionals supplies the whole complex process of game development from the initial idea to the final product – games that can be easily implemented with whatever specifics your platform might have.

SYNOT Games in numbers

20+ games

produced every year

25 years

of experience in the gambling industry

35+ experts

in the SYNOT Games team

20 countries

where SYNOT operates

146+ liters

of coffee drank every month

SYNOT holding

The SYNOT Group is an international, respected structure of companies operating in more than 20 countries worldwide and employing approximately 3 000 people. In terms of their business activities, individual companies operate in several sectors, particularly gaming industry, IT sector, online solutions and support of startup projects, real estate management and reconstruction, tourism-related investments, and sale of premium segment vehicles (BMW).

Furthermore, the SYNOT Group has been a long-time supporter of sports and the nonprofit sector within individual countries of its operation. Through the “Nadace SYNOT” foundation, it has supported thousands of publicly beneficial projects, distributing millions of Euros overall. This concerns projects and entities in the area of healthcare, social sector, culture, sports, and education. Moreover, it supports leisure activities; for example, it has developed a modern ski resort, bikepark, etc.

Individual companies of the SYNOT Group operate in, for example, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Albania, Kosovo, and many other countries of Europe, North Africa and Asia, with expansion planned to other countries and containents.

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